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Plus pour Haïti

$150.00 Raised

Funds go to: Haiti

Aidez-nous à distribuer aux enfants et aux jeunes un nouveau-testament pour qu'ils connaissent qui est vraiment Jésus.

Give Real Love To Kids Around the World

$2,020.00 Raised

Funds go to: Reach 1 million children with the gospel!

Kids all over the world long to feel loved. From all different walks of life, rich and poor—each has a deep need to hear about the love of Jesus.

What Will Feed a Hungry Heart

$150.00 Raised

Funds go to: Pakistan

My wife and I want the people of Pakistan to meet Jesus. They need Bibles and the gospel.

Reaching kids in Brazil

$2,300.00 Raised

Funds go to: Brazil

Will you help reach kids with the gospel in the slums of Brazil through soccer ministry and the Word of God?

Send Me to Kenya with the GO Team

$1,375.00 Raised

Funds go to: Kenya

The Unquenchable Flames Music partners with The Gideons International In Canada | ShareWord Global to take the sound of God's glory and The WORD to Kenya. Kindly support me!

Impacting Lives with the Gospel in China

$1,000.00 Raised

Funds go to: China

Sharing the gospel, through God's Word, with the people of China.

Chile Missions Trip - Brennan

$1,414.94 Raised

Funds go to: Chile

We are planning to accompany the Gideons organization, and hand out bibles as well as witness to Chileans about God's love for them.

Ryan's Missions Trip to Chile

$2,007.19 Raised

Funds go to: Chile

We will be working with local churches by leading kids camps, distributing Bibles, leading worship, and cleaning up the communities.

Missions trip to Chile !!!

$2,309.88 Raised

Funds go to: Chile

Chile will be a very important to us. There we are working with school,church’s, and people to make as much as an impact as possible.

Mission Trip to Chile 2018 - Nathan

$2,392.19 Raised

Funds go to: Chile

I am going to Chile with my youth group this Spring! We will be working alongside local Churches in their surrounding communities.

Jaxon's Missions Trip to Chile

$2,383.19 Raised

Funds go to: Chile

Your gracious donations will help equip our amazing Core Youth team to spread the Gospel in Santiago, Chile!

Missions Trip To Chile - Meghan

$1,399.69 Raised

Funds go to: Chile

Youth missions trip to Santiago, Chile with Grace Point Church of God

Ethan's Missions Trip to Chile 2018

$1,481.69 Raised

Funds go to: Chile

Hello everyone! This spring break from March 22 to April 2, I am going on a mission trip with my youth group to Santiago Chile!

Chile Missions Trip - Brooke & Alex

$5,904.38 Raised

Funds go to: Chile

Our church, Grace Point Church of God, is teaming up with the Gideons to go on a mission trip to Santiago, Chile.

Grace Point Youth's Mission Trip to Chile

$2,550.00 Raised

Funds go to: Chile

Compelled to make a difference, we are 15 youth and 5 youth leaders who are travelling to Chile to spread the gospel!

Missions trip to Chile- Kelti

$1,123.19 Raised

Funds go to: Chile

I am going to Santiago Chile with my youth group during spring break. We are going to share the gospel and put on camps for youth and kids.

Missions Trip to Chile - Cameron

$3,462.19 Raised

Funds go to: Chile

Missions Trip to Chile to work with local Churches, children through kids camps, and distribute Bibles.

Send John to Kenya with the Good News!

$1,105.00 Raised

Funds go to: Kenya

Our goal is to encourage the Kenyan believers and to share the Gospel with unsaved in and around Nairobi Kenya!

This Campaign is Completed

Bike for Bibles

$1,545.00 Raised

Funds go to: China

I will be biking across Newfoundland on a stationary bike for Bibles! My goal is to impact 2,000 lives with the gospel.

A Heart For Kenya

$150.00 Raised

Funds go to: Kenya

In March, my husband Paul and I will be traveling to Kenya with The Gideons to distribute Scriptures. Would you consider supporting us?

This Campaign is Completed

Going Deeper in the North

$200.00 Raised

Funds go to: Northern Canada

Parry Stelter, who is a National Bible Teacher, is going to the NWT with his wife Angeline and the Gideons to minister with the Gospel.