Support a Campaign

Mission 2018

$40.00 Raised

Funds go to: Haiti

The campaign will be designated for sharing copies of God's word and the gospel message in Haiti (Gonaive and Cap Haitien)

À chaque prisonnier son calendrier 2018

$365.00 Raised

Funds go to: General

Aidez-nous à remettre un calendrier aux prisonniers du Québec. Grâce à ces calendriers, ils verront quotidiennement la Parole de Dieu.

This Campaign is Completed

North of 60

$120.00 Raised

Funds go to: Northern Canada

To go into the NWT, Nunavut and Northern Quebec for the sake of the gospel.

Plus pour Haïti

$150.00 Raised

Funds go to: Haiti

Aidez-nous à distribuer aux enfants et aux jeunes un nouveau-testament pour qu'ils connaissent qui est vraiment Jésus.

Send Me to Nicaragua with the GO Team

$1,340.00 Raised

Funds go to: Nicaragua

The Unquenchable Flames Music partners with The Gideons Int' to take the sound of God's glory and The WORD to Nicaragua. Kindly support me!

This Campaign is Completed

What Will Feed a Hungry Heart

$150.00 Raised

Funds go to: Pakistan

My wife and I want the people of Pakistan to meet Jesus. They need Bibles and the gospel.

This Campaign is Completed

Going Back to Nicaragua

$3,200.00 Raised

Funds go to: Nicaragua

Asking for the support of my friends and family so that I can serve again in Nicaragua this November 2017.

Reaching Haïti for Christ

$40.00 Raised

Funds go to: Haiti

In January 2018, our team of Canadians will be going back to 2 areas of Haïti. Would appreciate your support for this part of the world.

Reaching kids in Brazil

$2,200.00 Raised

Funds go to: Brazil

Will you help reach kids with the gospel in the slums of Brazil through soccer ministry and the Word of God?

Hope For Nicaragua

$3,360.00 Raised

Funds go to: Nicaragua

To see people come to Christ through sharing the Gospel. Also, encouraging the church there to evangelize and serving them.

This Campaign is Completed

Good News for Nicaraguans

$855.00 Raised

Funds go to: Nicaragua

To give scriptures of hope to those trying to survive another day and feed their families. This has the power to change everything for them.

Give Real Love This Giving Tuesday

$0.00 Raised

Funds go to: Reach 1 million children with the gospel!

Kids all over the world long to feel loved. From all different walks of life, rich and poor—each has a deep need to hear about the love of Jesus.