Kids are hurting and feeling empty inside. You can share real love with them!

So many kids today feel alone, afraid, and anxious. Social media reinforces feelings of insecurity and low self-esteem, and online bullying is rampant. They’re struggling with school and watching parents go through divorce. And they’re turning to sex, drugs, and alcohol to fill the gaping hole in their hearts.

You have the answer for their search for true, lasting love! You’ve experienced it yourself and know how powerful it is. Only the real love of Christ can fill that longing in their hearts—and you can share it with them before 2017 comes to a close!

Spark is a new Scripture magazine created for kids, drawing them into the hopeful message of being rescued from their pain and loneliness. They’re so encouraged to know that Someone could love them that much! You can put copies of Spark into the hands of kids and alter the direction of their life before it’s too late.

Your generosity can change a generation! A gift of $45 will not only impact the lives of 15 kids, but the ripple effects will go much further. Siblings, parents, and grandparents will all be touched with the gospel message found in Spark.

Please give today so kids discover real love. All donations received before midnight on December 29th will receive a tax-deductible receipt for 2017.

Introducing Spark

Spark is our brand new Scripture resource designed for kids. It’s the latest in our new and creative Scripture magazines, and its sole purpose is to introduce youth to the One who came to rescue them from their sin.

What’s in it?

Spark includes activities, colourful photography, and an easy-to-understand message. Most importantly, throughout Spark there are Scripture verses to help youth understand the message of the gospel. It lets kids know God created them, God loves them, and God made a plan to save them from their sins. It offers them a chance to accept His free gift, and then teaches them how life in Christ will transform them into new creations.