With over 95% of Pakistani people claiming Islam as their religion, Pakistan is a nation that is in desperate need of God's Word to infiltrate and transform every corner of society.

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We partner with Development Communication Association (DCA) to share the Good News with God’s Word in Pakistan through strategic connections with community leaders and influencers—like teachers, principals, pastors, church planters, doctors and passionate young people—who can spread the gospel throughout their spheres of influence.

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Equipping the Movers and Shakers of Pakistan

Equipping the Movers and Shakers of Pakistan

One teacher told us he’s been using two separate Bibles—one in Urdu and another in English—but he’s happy to have them both in one! Now he can carry just one Bible with him every day to grow in his faith, and to share the New Testaments with other teachers and students in his school.Read More

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