Share Real Love with Kids

Kids all over the world long to feel loved. They’re looking on social media and in their relationships but ending up lonelier than ever. They need to hear about the love of Christ before they make decisions that lead to self-destructive behaviour, a lifetime of regrets, and years of searching for real love.

You have the opportunity today to let young people know God loves them with real love, and completely alter their future with the gift of a unique and engaging Scripture resource.

Can you imagine how a boy who’s emotionally broken and lonely might respond when he hears that God loves him so much He created a rescue plan to save him?

Or the response of a young girl who’s bullied every day at school and called ugly—hearing for the first time that God made her to be a masterpiece and loves her dearly?

What about the 11-year-old who’s on the brink of taking his life because he sees no purpose in living a life without hope?

Those are the young people you can reach with the gospel. They’re kids from all different walks of life, all over of the world, rich and poor. Each of them has a deep need to hear about the love of Jesus.

Through your generosity, you can change the future of hurting kids who are hungry to experience real love for the very first time. Every $45 you donate means 15 kids will receive a copy of God’s Word—and a spark of hope and light.

Introducing Spark

Spark is our brand new Scripture resource designed for kids. It’s the latest in our new and creative Scripture magazines, and its sole purpose is to introduce youth to the One who came to rescue them from their sin.

What’s in it?

Spark includes activities, colourful photography, and an easy-to-understand message. Most importantly, throughout Spark there are Scripture verses to help youth understand the message of the gospel. It lets kids know God created them, God loves them, and God made a plan to save them from their sins. It offers them a chance to accept His free gift, and then teaches them how life in Christ will transform them into new creations.