We partner with ministries and organizations in Canada and around the world that are committed to sharing God's Word with the world.



By combining our collective efforts and each focusing on our strengths, more Scriptures can be supplied to more people, and thus have a greater global impact for Christ. Here are some of our strategic ministry partners that we work with around the world to share God's Word:

Bible League Canada Logo, providing scriptures of God's word worldwide and transforming lives.Bible League Canada

Through Bible-based literacy programs, church-planting training and children's ministry, Bible League Canada partners with local churches, indigenous leaders, local governments and us to provide Scriptures worldwide. 

Logo of Mission Eurasia, who share and teach Christianity and God's word to Soviet nations.Mission Eurasia

Mission Eurasia is passionate about raising up people in former Soviet nations to boldly share their faith so the church can lead the way to spiritual freedom. We provide Scripture resources and training for the ministry in Eastern Europe.

Logo for Trans World Radio Canada, who provide radio programming to help spread hope and God's word around the globe.TWR (Trans World Radio Canada)

TWR provides radio programming, discipleship resources and dedicated workers to spread hope to people and communities around the globe. We partner with TWR to provide Scriptures to radio listeners who request a hard copy of God's Word to read.

Logo of Tyndale House Publishers, who provide Scriptures of God's word around Canada and the world.Tyndale House Publishers

Tyndale House Publishers provides many of the NLT Scriptures that we use for distribution in Canada and around the world.

Logo of Good Hope Ministries, who teach God's word to children and families in Malawi.Good Hope Ministries

Good Hope is a holistic ministry among the Tumbuka people in Malawi that focuses on repairing wells, sharing Bibles stories with children, and teaching adults about Bible-based families. Founder Anna Ebert says, “All of the teaching we do begins with the foundation of God’s Word.”

Logo of Development Communication Association, who helps share God's word in Pakistan.DCA

DCA partners with us to share the Good News with God’s Word in Pakistan through strategic connections with community leaders—like principals, pastors, church planters and doctors—who can spread the gospel throughout their spheres of influence.

Logo of EduDeo, who and provides scripture and advances Christ-centred education for children worldwideEduDeo Ministries

EduDeo believes that Education + Gospel = Transformation. Through teacher training, curriculum development and school construction, EduDeo advances Christ-centred education for children worldwide. We help provide Scriptures for students.

Logo of Go With God Global, who distributes free Bibles and shares God's word in China.Go With God Global

Go With God Global exists to distribute free Bibles in China, equip and disciple pastors to use the Word of God effectively, and advance the gospel in China. We partner by offering Bibles for their ministry.



Canadian Council of Christian Charities

Logo of the Canadian Council of Christian Charities

The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada

Logo of The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada

The Canadian Council of Churches

Logo of The Canadian Coucil of Churches

World Evangelical Alliance

Logo of World Evangelical Alliance