Our Scriptures

Various Scriptures of God's Word used to help spread Christianity around the world.



The NewLife app is an outreach and Christian faith exploration app for smartphones. It includes the full Bible plus an extensive, easy-to-use collection of articles to help people who are asking the big questions of life.

The app is a free download for Android, iOS and BlackBerry devices, available in multiple languages.

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Digital NewLife App where users can read digital scripture of God's word and share their faith.


Gideons International in Canada volunteers distributing Bibles to help share God's word.


Since 1911, we've been placing Bibles in Canadian hotels. That’s how our Bible sharing began. Since then we’ve been placing both full Bibles and New Testaments in a variety of other public places such as hospitals, prisons and schools. We also offer people New Testaments in personal evangelism.

We’ve used a variety of translations of the Bible over the years, but today we use the New Living Translation. It’s an accurate and reliable translation from Tyndale House Publishing, and is easy to understand for the first-time Bible reader.


A full Bible or New Testament can be intimidating or overwhelming to the person who’s never read it before. That’s why we also share focused portions of the Bible that serve as an important starting point for people as they explore God’s Word for the first time.

Hope and Redemption are two examples of Scripture portions that resemble magazines. Each of them highlights key messages of the Bible (Psalms and Romans respectively), overlaid on beautiful photographs or illustrations. Each magazine also includes the full Gospel of John so people are introduced to the person of Jesus Christ.

We also share pocket-sized copies of the Gospel of John in a variety of covers, again for the purpose of introducing people to the person of Jesus Christ.

Hope and Redemption scripture magazines used to spread God's word around the world.