I Am Loved
COVID-19 took most of what they had. A deadly cyclone took the rest.

“There is nothing left.”

This is the cry of fathers, mothers, children, widows, refugees, and migrant workers right now in Bangladesh.

While authorities were trying to contain the highly infectious virus, Cyclone Amphan arrived, taking more lives and thousands of homes. Families had no option but to take refuge in overcrowded emergency shelters, where social distancing was a luxury nobody could afford.

COVID-19 took most of what they had. A deadly cyclone took the rest.

While humanitarian aid organizations work tirelessly to help the physical needs of families in Bangladesh, who will rush to provide for their spiritual needs?

If you knew a $5 Scripture could meet this need, would you provide it?

Our partner Samuel is on the ground right now, alongside local believers sharing the hope of the gospel with people in his community. And they’re listening! But they need Scriptures, so they can read for themselves—in their own heart language—about the one true God who “is close to the brokenhearted, and saves those who are crushed in spirit.” (Psalm 34:18).

We have Bibles translated to Bengali in a format that appeals specifically to Muslims, Hope magazines that contain encouraging Psalms and the gospel of John, and audio Bibles for those unable to read. They’re packed and ready to go, but we can’t get them to the people who need them most without you.

It only costs $60 to bring healing to the broken-hearted by supplying 12 Bengali Bibles.

For $150 you can give hope to the crushed in spirit by equipping people like Tamanna with 30 Hope and Light magazines to share in their communities.

By giving $355, you can rise to meet the spiritual needs of the widest range of people. This will supply 15 Bibles for new believers, 10 Hope magazines for evangelism, and 10 audio Bibles for those who can’t read.

Will you rise to meet the spiritual needs of the people in Bangladesh in this unprecedented time of openness to the gospel?

With permission from the government in Bangladesh, and evangelists ready to share the gospel with refugees and neighbours, there is an unprecedented opportunity to put God’s Word into the hands of the brokenhearted. But the window may not stay open for long.


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