Video Testimonies

Every day, God is moving in people’s hearts and calling them to Himself through His Word. Here are just a few examples of His miraculous ability to change lives.

  • "That Bible totally impacted my life."

  • Stephen picked up a Bible to win an argument—and it ended up transforming his life.

  • 9-year-old Marten Zijlstra explains how he shared the gospel with his classmates, with the help of his Gideon New Testaments.

  • A Gideon-placed Scripture made the difference for Jamie Gates.

  • Byron Sheppard "borrowed" a hotel Bible, and hasn't been the same ever since.

  • The Mayor of Truro explains how God's Word transformed his life.

  • "Guys like me do not exist outside of God's grace."

  • Halifax native, Natasha Falle, grew up in an abusive environment with no faith in God. That all changed when she encountered God's Word.

  • Raised in a dysfunctional alcoholic home, surrounded by violence, abuse, and shattered dreams, this young lady's world was turned upside down with the Good News of the gospel.

  • Native of British Guyana, Assif grew up in violence and sexual abuse. Assif had the opportunity to migrate to Canada as a youth, and he thought it would be his new beginning. But Assif got involved in gangs, and ended up in prison. While in his darkest hour, he encountered the brightest light--God's Word.