Here are some other ways you can partner with us in the cause for the gospel.



Donate shares, bonds and units of mutual funds. Gifts of publicly-listed securities to charitable organizations are not subject to capital gains. Your official receipt for income tax purposes will be valued at the closing price on the day when the shares are legally transferred to our account. Call 1-888-482-4253 for more information.

A Canadian christian couple donating bonds to help Gideons International in Canada spread God's word

A elderly Christian couple hugging each other after using their life insurance to make a donation to help share God's word

Life Insurance

Whether it is an old policy that has outlived its original purpose or a new policy purchased specifically to benefit The Gideons International In Canada, a gift of life insurance can allow you to leave a much larger gift than may have been possible during your lifetime. Call 1-888-482-4253 for more information.