Buy one Bible and give another bible for free to someone in need of God's word
Click here to BUY A BIBLE. Buy one Bible and give the other to someone in need.
When you buy THIS BIBLE you are giving another Bible to someone around the world.

you're giving another Bible to
someone around the world


A Journaling Bible is a great gift or keepsake for those who value note-taking with their devotions. This Journaling Bible features wide margins for writing reflections, notes, prayers and journal entries.

A free Bible to be sent to someone search of God's word after a Christian bought one for themselves

NLT Reflections journaling Bibles will help you with your own Bible study but it'll change someone else’s life, too.

People all over the world are hungry for the light and hope found in God’s Word. You can answer their prayers by giving them their very own Bible.

As part of the purchase, you’ll choose where you want the second Bible to go,

or you can leave it up to us to find the right person for your gift.

Thank you for your partnership! You’re changing lives around the world by sharing the gospel.

Click here to BUY A BIBLE and Give a Bible to someone in need around the world