Help Me Go To Nicaragua and Share Jesus!

Help Me Go To Nicaragua and Share Jesus!

Silas' First Mission Trip to Nicaragua

My name is Peter Silas Quill, I am a teenager from a remote Indigenous community called Pikangikum, Ontario. In my community, we have seen suicide tear apart entire families, in fact, our community has been featured countless times on the news because of it. So many young lives were lost, and it's terrible to see many have lost hope. I DID NOT LOSE HOPE, I found it in the gospel of Jesus Christ, I found his love that restores my soul! Last year, I had a dream that I had a passport, and that God took me to many countries, this is hard for people in remote communities, but I took it as a promise. With the help of a local missionary, I was able to apply for a passport that I received this winter. And when The Gideons came to our reservation, I was told about this opportunity to go to South America! I may not have all the means to make this happen, but if you would support me, I will ever so grateful for the support. My community needs hope, I found it, and I want to share it with others, and share the experience with people in my community. I have my own testimony, but my community has one too! And I want to be a part of that testimony, of how God is saving our young people, and be one of them that is sent out to share it! HELP ME SPREAD THE GOSPEL!


*All funds raised will cover the trip-related costs for this participant plus associated ministry work and Scripture resources. – International Growth Department

  • Me at Summer of Hope

    Me at Summer of Hope

Donor Comments

Keep the faith in your difficult surroundings. May God richly bless you

Rod and Beth Enns

This donation is actually from our church group so I am not claiming it personally. Yes, we don't want our name published on the website, but the amount is okay. Thanks. May God bless this young man in the journey he is taking for the glory of God!!

Rhoda Longenecker

Bless you Silas as you live and serve Jesus before your people. Go with God, young brother.

Bob and Judy Carlsen

We’re praying for you, Silas!

Wes & Lynn Peterson

Silas, We will definitely miss having you on the OEW team this summer, but we're excited for this opportunity! Can't wait to hear the updates! Brad & Sara

Brad Hutchcraft

We will be praying for you!

Jordan Doner

A mission trip changed my vision. Blessings to you Silas

Cornelia Hunse

I actually had a dream related to travel and specifically my passport last night, so when I read your story it brought tears to my eyes. I have been blessed by many people to be able to go on missions and expect that this is just the first of many trips for you and that it will be part of the story of hope for your community. 5 “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; 6 in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.” ‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭3:5-6‬ ‭NIV‬‬

Rachael Goertz

God bless you as you go! Jesus will help you be a light to those who need it. We will pray for you.

Phil Callaway

I love hearing your story. I believe Jesus is the only way to break the cycle of generation pain and you are an inspiration for your family and your community. I believe with all my heart it only takes one person's healing to start the ripple effect of change for the better. I know in time the desire that has been placed in my heart over the past few years we will one day be working together as a family to bring greater healing, restoration, reconcillation and love back into balance for a much happier world. God Bless you on this trip and never give up the dream that God has placed in your heart. You are lived so much!! Enjoy!! Hugs ❤❤❤

Sam Crow

Praying you have a really wonderful experience serving our Lord....

Norman Sowden

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