Hope Mission in Moldova - Youth Camp

Hope Mission in Moldova - Youth Camp

Moldova is a poverty-stricken country, where parents leave their children in the hopes of finding work outside their borders. This leaves thousands of children vulnerable, left to fend for themselves without parental love and guidance. Growing up feeling like nobody wants them, makes them easily manipulated if someone shows interest. Many teens end up becoming victims of sexual exploitation, having been lured out of the country by promises of wealth and a better future.

During this trip, our team will be running a youth camp with the help and support of local churches to bring Jesus into the lives of Moldova’s youth. Sharing the Gospel with Moldova’s youth will show them that despite everything, Jesus loved them so much that He was willing to make the ultimate sacrifice. This knowledge will help them build a foundation of love and self-worth, so they can find their true identity in Him.

It breaks my heart and brings me to tears when I think of how these children grow up feeling unloved and unwanted, only to be manipulated into a life of sexual exploitation. Please join me in fervently praying for these children, and if you’re able, support me financially so I can help “win as many as possible!”


*All funds raised will cover the trip-related costs for this participant plus associated ministry work and Scripture resources. – International Growth Department

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