Mission to Kenya

Mission to Kenya

Charities & Gospel to Kenya

Hi All, We from Gideons International in Canada are going on a mission trip to Kenya from Nov 21st to Dec 5th, 2018. We will be sharing the good news with our boots on ground at Nairobi and suburbs with all age groups, will be on prayer walks, street evangelism, handing out scriptures, sharing the gospel - anything it takes to share God's love!

Help us change the lives of Kenyans who need the gospel. We’re so excited to see what God will do in Kenya! We’ll see God work in incredible ways!

All donations go directly towards the mission work and scriptures to Kenya and you will receive a tax receipt from Gideons International Canada.

Thank you so much for your generosity and your prayers, and we will be excited to share the impact you will have made immediately upon our return.

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May Lord Move with you all...

Francis Thaddaues

Lord's anointing be on all missionaries for His glory...

Francis Thaddaues

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