Mission Trip to Chile

Mission Trip to Chile

Gods love reaching out!

I remember growing up with very low self-esteem and having a lot of questions about my life, faith and beliefs. I was confused, inadequate and feeling lost for not having answers to my questions and not knowing the purpose of my existence.

One day a missionary team came to our home and held a bible study. I was hearing the Word of God being read out loud and it was answering the questions I had in my head! I knew at that moment it was God who put those questions inside of me that only He could answer them through His written Word. What a joy it is to have a personal relationship with Him.

God's Word, truth and love is the foundation and authority of my life. It gives my life purpose and the motivation to share it with others everywhere. God has given me the privilege to join The Gideons International In Canada | ShareWord Global to continue to fulfil the calling I have from God.

I believe that God has given me people like you, to partner with me in bringing the gospel of Jesus to Chile through your prayers and financial support.


*All funds raised will cover the trip-related costs for this participant plus associated ministry work and Scripture resources. – International Growth Department

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