Moldova Fundraiser

Moldova Fundraiser

Moldova Fundraiser

Moldova is an economically unstable country filled with many homeless orphaned children that are abandoned by their parents who leave to find work. While parents are off looking for work, hundreds of children are left homeless without a family. Without a family or place to call home many of these children are vulnerable and seduced into the sex trade with hope of a reward.

I’ve been blessed with a loving, supporting family all my life and my heart breaks for those who have never had that before. Going to Moldova is something that has been on my heart for a while and with a lot of prayers and thoughts, I am so beyond excited to see what God has planned for me there, helping spread God’s words and love to those around me.

Our team will be partaking in a youth camp in Moldova that is intended for those youth that have nothing left. Our hope is to show these youth that even through the toughest times God still loves them and is there for them when nobody else is, and that with Him they can become more than slaves to others but soldiers for God.

Please pray for me and the team that will be going and if you feel called to donate to me financially thank you!


*All funds raised will cover the trip-related costs for this participant plus associated ministry work and Scripture resources. – International Growth Department

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