More for Moldova

More for Moldova

The Message of Hope & Value for Children in Europe's Forgotten Country

It is an incredible privilege to be returning to Moldova to share the love of Christ and their immeasurable worth with young people again.

In 2017 I joined TGIC | SWG in Moldova as the SHINE representative - a program that teaches young people about their intrinsic value and purpose, that they matter, and how to build strength into their lives. We had the opportunity to speak to more than 700 children throughout the country, teaching them about their immense worth and handing out Bibles in their language.

This summer I'm returning to Moldova to once again facilitate activities to help young people come to understand how special, precious and loved by God they are!

Not everyone is called to go overseas, but as I feel the burden to go back to Moldova, it cannot be understated how valuable your support is. Whether through prayer or financial generosity, you make it possible to speak into the lives of young people across the world, particularly in this place that largely feels hopeless and unseen. Your contribution reminds the people of Moldova that they are known and seen by not only a big, kind, Heavenly Father, but caring people around the world.

Pray for soft hearts, open ears and open minds; for team unity, safety, and energy; for great conversations, for open doors, and for Holy Spirit to give us the words to say and hearts to serve, all for the glory of His name.

Thank you for your kindness and generosity. I'm so excited for what God is about to do through this mission.


*All funds raised will cover the trip-related costs for this participant plus associated ministry work and Scripture resources. – International Growth Department

  • This young boy accepted Jesus into his heart!!

    This young boy accepted Jesus into his heart!!

Donor Comments

This is so important, and we will continue to support Allie and the shine team in prayer as we believe in the worth and value of this work! Praise God for shine and for you Allie!

Kelsey Reist

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