Reaching the Heart of Nicaragua

Reaching the Heart of Nicaragua

Unprecedented Scripture Request by Nicaraguan Government

I am a mother of six. Though I often feel that is what defines me, I know I am a beloved child of God and that is where my identity lies. In this season, my children require the most of my time and energy. As rewarding and necessary as that is, when I was made aware of the unique opportunity in Nicaragua, I couldn't help but want to be part of it. Though not a Christian nation, their government wants the message of Jesus brought to their people in hopes of settling the unrest that has ravaged their land. And this is just the beginning. Doors are opening that are not of man's doing. But time is of the essence - they may not be open for long.

This trip is a big step out of my comfort zone - away from my kids, into a war-torn land, to hand out scriptures and share the love of Jesus to people in a region that have likely never heard his name before. As foreign as it'll feel, I am eager to step out in faith in this way. To be on the front lines and see firsthand the works of God in this region. To catch a glimpse of the power of the life-changing truth of the gospel. It is my prayer I can be used by God on this trip for his kingdom. I also have a strong suspicion it will serve to deepen my understanding and intimacy with my Saviour. I long for this.


*All funds raised will cover the mission trip costs for this participant plus associated ministry work and Scripture resources. – International Growth Department

Donor Comments

So excited & nervous for you !

Val Brooks

You go girl!

Jobina Westman

Soooo glad you get to do this! Praying for you....and for Dave!

Trish Franklin

Jacinda... We wish you safe travels and a fulfilling journey. Quoting an Irish blessing: May angels fly with you wherever you roam and guide you back safely to family and home.


May you feel God’s presence on this trip. Praying for your family while you are away. Blessings!!

Margaret Fannon

Blessings and safety as you go! Mission trips are always eye-openers, exciting to share the Good News of Jesus!

Paul & Melanie Saunders

Good luck Jacinda. I am sure you will be able to share all that you feel and know about Christwith these very disadvantaged people. Be safe and I send you much love on your journey.

Irma Wilson

Jacinda, as one who has been fortunate to participate in several short term mission trips, including one to Managua, Nicaragua, I can relate to your butterflies and also to your desire to respond to this amazing opportunity. This is awesome and I know you will grow from this experience. God will go before you and will not leave you (Deut.31-6). And although I'm not able to quote a supporting verse from scripture, God will also empower the grandparents to take good care of your kids while you are away. God Bless.

John Brooks

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