Ronald Stephenson

Ronald Stephenson

Making a Difference in Peru

I love our Lord. I love to serve Him and be obedient to Him. For many years now I have gone to different countries to to be with the people. It is a blessing for me to be with them, and I believe they are pleased and blessed to know that there are people who care enough about them to come to their town and their church. I enjoy being with people in their own country. I feel God's pleasure when I am with them.

In Peru, we will meet people on the streets, in their homes, in marketplaces, or in churches. Working with local translators and churches, I will be sharing my testimony of salvation so others can hear the Good News. As a team, we will share the gospel and give people gifts of Scripture to keep for years to come. As people receive the Esperanza magazine, they cry when they read its message of hope in Jesus.

This unique trip will include one day of Bible distribution and dedication at each location (Pisco and Chicha.) During these two days, 10,000 Bibles which GideonsUK have paid for, will be distributed to pastors and congregations. After each distribution, the team will be taking to the streets for evangelism. We will see the Holy Spirit move and cultivate change in their communities, spreading

God’s love and impacting others. We get to see firsthand how the gospel changes everything.

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