Spark Translations for India

Spark Translations for India

Help children in India meet Jesus through Spark!

There are over 400 million kids under the age of 15 in India, with enough orphans among them to almost outnumber the entire population of Canada. Two out of every three children experience physical abuse, and half of them experience some form of sexual abuse.

It's an understatement to say it’s not easy being a child in India. Poverty, abuse, abandonment, and child labour are all part of a normal day for millions of them. It’s easy to see why so many feel hopeless in the face of such overwhelming darkness. We know there is hope to be found in Jesus, but hundreds of millions of kids in India don’t.

That’s why we’re launching Spark magazine in India. Spark is a kid-friendly, activity-oriented, visual demonstration of the gospel, and has gained remarkable traction as a resource that introduces children to Jesus! Spark has been such an effective tool for sharing the gospel with children, people in Peru are using the magazine to run full 12-week courses to teach the content.

Our recent Samson Project helped fulfill over 380,000 personal requests for Bibles in India since 2016, and the momentum has not slowed down. As donors continue to help us resource churches with Bibles and Scripture magazines, the children can’t be forgotten.

You have a unique opportunity to invest in the translation of Spark magazine to some of India’s most spoken languages. Once translated, these Scripture magazines will bring the hope of the gospel to children in India who desperately need it. The magazine will be contextualized for India in English, then translated into 11 different languages. The first three will be Kannada, Hindi, and Telugu.

For every translation produced, more children will have access to the Good News of the gospel in their own heart language.

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