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Giving Tuesday

$54,518.00 Raised

Funds go to: Youth

There’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday…and then there’s Giving Tuesday, an International day of giving! This year, you can share God’s Word to children across the world, who need to hear about Christ's love for the

This Campaign is Completed

Mission Trip to Chile

$0.00 Raised

Funds go to: Chile

My crowdfunding campaign is to help support my trip to Chile to spread the gospel to all those in Santiago!

Granddaughter Chloe to Share the Gospel in Chile

$1,370.00 Raised

Funds go to: Chile

My Grandaughter 1st mission trip to Chile

Reaching kids in Brazil

$5,040.00 Raised

Funds go to: Brazil

Will you help reach kids with the gospel in the slums of Brazil through soccer ministry and the Word of God?

Reaching the Latinos

$140.00 Raised

Funds go to: Chile

I'm Alejandra Vasquez, a 17 years old student at Woodland Christian HS. And I have a passion for sharing the Good News around the world.