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More for Moldova

$0.00 Raised

Funds go to: Moldova

It is an incredible privilege to be returning to Moldova to share the love of Christ and their immeasurable worth with young people again.

Hope for Children in Moldova

$650.00 Raised

Funds go to: Moldova

Many children in Moldova are economic orphans as their parents leave to find jobs in the EU. This abandonment makes these children vulnerable as targets for the sex. They grow up feeling like nobody wants them and turn to anybody to find their sense of worth.

Hope Mission in Moldova - Youth Camp

$200.00 Raised

Funds go to: Moldova

Providing children with more hopeful futures by showing them Jesus’ love and helping them find their identity in Him.

Placing the Gospel into the hands of people in NIcaragua

$40.00 Raised

Funds go to: Nicaragua

Helping to place bibles not only in the hands of people that have not read God's Word but also those who have never heard God's Word.

Bibles for Nicaragua - Anthony & Cindy

$350.00 Raised

Funds go to: Nicaragua

Sharing the gospel and love of Jesus with the people of Nicaragua.


$1,420.00 Raised

Funds go to: Moldova

One smile. One hug. One Bible. These are all things that will change the lives of children in Moldova. It's simple. Very simple.

Help Me Go To Nicaragua and Share Jesus!

$3,375.00 Raised

Funds go to: Nicaragua

I am raising funds for my first ever missions trip! I am from a remote Indigenous community, and I cannot wait to share the Gospel!

Reaching kids in Brazil

$5,040.00 Raised

Funds go to: Brazil

Will you help reach kids with the gospel in the slums of Brazil through soccer ministry and the Word of God?