“I will beat you every week until you stop going to that church!”

These words are a harsh reality for Devya, a Bengali woman who attended an evangelism event, at great personal risk. Yet this does not stop her from going to church and worshipping. In the early hours of the day before her alcoholic husband wakes, she travels to church to worship Jesus.

Devya persists in attending church and trusts God to protect her, because she has encountered Jesus through a Bible she received thanks to your gift. Even in the midst of persecution, lost people are encountering God’s Word and coming to know Him as their Saviour! And you have an important role to play.

Just a simple donation has the potential to change lives and cause a ripple effect of gospel impact in India. The Bible that changed Devya’s life and the Scripture magazines that began a secret church in a hotel were only available because you decided to act.

Your gift directly results in someone receiving a copy of God’s Word, which can have a ripple effect, potentially impacting several lives just like the hotel church! Will you help illuminate darkness today?





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