Middle East

A light is beginning to break through, bringing hope to the Muslim world—and not in the way you’d expect. Traditional in-person evangelism isn’t common in the Middle East because it’s just too dangerous. So God has made a new way... through TV broadcasts and cell phones.

Our TV studio—inherited when our ministry joined with Reach Beyond Canada—puts you in a position to help share the gospel in six languages: Farsi, Urdu, Punjabi, Assyrian, Arabic, and English. And these programs are shared on secular TV stations all across the Middle East, reaching millions!

As more people are exposed to the gospel through these broadcasts, the demand for contextualized Scripture resources in the Middle East will grow. In anticipation of this, preparation has already begun for the Arabic translation of Spark magazine for Vacation Bible Camps in Egypt!

Make an impact on the Muslim World today by reaching millions of people in the Middle East with God’s Word.





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