I am loved

They are loved by God

"I'm lonely all the time."
"I hate myself_I feel so ugly."
"I'm scared every night."
"I think about suicide all the time..."

Not exactly the kinds of messages you tend to hear at Christmas, are they? Pretty jarring during a a season that's supposed to be filled with "peace and good will..." But the reality is, kids are saying those things—every day. Especially at Christmas. And it's not just here in Canada but all over the world. Kids are desperate for hope and joy and peace in their hearts.

You know the only Person who can provide those things—not temporarily but forever! You can share Christ with kids this Christmas. You can make sure they receive the best Christmas present of all time—the gospel found in the Bible!

Through God's Word they hear something else they may have never heard before: "God loves you—even if you don't think you're worth it or deserve it. God loves you!" God's love will not only impact their lives today or tomorrow but for the rest of their lives. 

Change the lives of kids all over the world this Christmas. Share the gospel with them. Give them a copy of God's Word. Every $5 you donate will be used to do exactly that—and we can't wait to share more stories of how young lives were changed forever because of your generosity.

Introducing Spark

Spark is our brand new Scripture resource designed for kids. It’s the latest in our new and creative Scripture magazines, and its sole purpose is to introduce youth to the One who came to rescue them from their sin.

What’s in it?

Spark includes activities, colourful photography, and an easy-to-understand message. Most importantly, throughout Spark there are Scripture verses to help youth understand the message of the gospel. It lets kids know God created them, God loves them, and God made a plan to save them from their sins. It offers them a chance to accept His free gift, and then teaches them how life in Christ will transform them into new creations.