A New Chapter

July 14, 2012

On July 14th, 2012, the membership of The Gideons International In Canada voted in historical changes, setting the stage for a new era in their century-year-old history.

Known for its hotel Bibles and Grade 5 New Testaments, today The Gideons International In Canada is writing the first pages of a new chapter with men and women from a wide variety of vocational backgrounds working together to share the gospel of Christ and free copies of God’s Word in new ways.

Originally founded as an association of Christian businessmen and professionals, today the ministry is welcoming “Christian men and women of all vocations” to communicate the gospel and share God’s Word in Canada and worldwide.

The decisive majority vote caps a series of fundamental shifts within the association over the past several years. Today Canadian Gideon members are part of an autonomous ministry that is actively involved in partnerships with local churches and like-minded ministries, both here in Canada and in countries all over the world. Initiatives are in the works for the re-engagement of young people in sharing God’s Word, for a digital evangelism tool, and for partnering with Canadian churches to reach their communities for Christ.

Internationally, Canadian Gideons have over the past year engaged with hundreds of local churches in Peru, Bolivia, and Ukraine, sharing the gospel and New Testaments with people on the street, in schools, military and police barracks, market places, prisons, and wherever doors were opened to them. In the coming year, similar trips are planned for other countries including the Philippines and Chile.

The Gideons is also partnering with like-minded Canadian ministries under the philosophy that by building on each other’s strengths, more can be accomplished for the kingdom of God. Active involvement in the distribution of Scriptures in every country of the world is a goal that energizes leadership to build relationships around the world and engage financial partners who are excited about impacting the world for Christ.


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