Christianity—as you experience it—is not welcome in China.

Believers are watched closely, and are thrown in jail if they are too outspoken or political. The situation is so bad many believers meet underground in private unregistered churches to avoid being arrested. Children under 10 aren’t allowed to enter church buildings, and could be prevented from graduating school if they’re found to be believers. It’s reported that pastors have been censored at the pulpit for preaching the gospel, and that authorities will begin adapting the Bible and adding commentaries to make the content more sympathetic and supportive of Chinese ideologies.

These conditions make it difficult for believers in China to share their faith, or grow in their knowledge of Scripture. Even if they could, finding gospel resources to learn from and share with others is incredibly difficult. But thanks to an amazing partnership with a local pastor, we have had an opportunity to do something about it.




This partnership creates an opportunity for people like you to put translated copies of our Hope magazine into the hands of underground churches. These magazines will be used as evangelism tools, in addition to the thousands of Bibles that will build up local believers in their faith.

Our local partner operates discreetly and under the radar. Small home churches and churches in rural areas have been secretly receiving God’s Word. Hope magazines have been particularly useful in evangelism, as it doesn’t appear to be Scripture on the outside, and it features beautiful local imagery. This means that they can be shared freely without scrutiny from authorities.

There is no other Scripture resource like this in the region. Hope is contextualized to speak to the Chinese audience and is very precious to those who receive it. Despite the spiritual circumstances in China, you can make an impact. There is still time for you to help reach the multitude of people who do not yet know the life-changing power of a relationship with Jesus Christ!


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