Colourful buildings, retro cars, and beautiful coastlines are images that may come to mind when you think of Cuba. But reality for the average Cuban family is much different.

Cuba is a nation of scarcity. Families often go days without basic necessities. Food, toilet paper, toothpaste; things we take for granted are hard to come by. And things are no different for the local church. Believers across the country want to share their faith with others. They just don’t have the training or the resources to do it.

But you can change that! Thankfully, God has opened a door to provide them with exactly what they’ve been asking for.




The isolated local church in Cuba needs evangelism materials in their own language. They need training on how to share their faith. With your help, they can receive just that.

Through a new partnership we have with the Cuban Council of Churches, you can provide believers across the country with Esperanza and Chispa magazines to use as evangelism resources in their communities!

These beautiful, high quality Scripture resources are visually stunning, with beautiful local photography featured throughout. They also contain encouraging Psalms, and the gospel of John—all in Spanish! Because of their visual appeal, people love receiving them!

As part of this partnership, you can also help provide evangelism training for local pastors. Not only will churches have brand new resources to use while sharing their faith, they will also be taught how to use them effectively!

This is a long-term plan with sustainability in mind. But this plan doesn’t work without people like you. With your help, we hope to equip the Cuban church with 2.5 million Scripture resources over the span of ten years.


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