Only 2.3% of India’s population would identify as Christian. Those who do are often persecuted for their faith, especially if they are converts from one of the local religions.

Violent persecution is a constant threat to believers—they want to worship freely, but are forced to congregate in secret. Thousands of physical attacks by extremists happen every year, with little or no intervention from authorities.

Despite the personal risk, they still want to share the gospel with their friends, families, and neighbours. Hundreds of thousands of believers in India have personally requested Bibles to help them grow in their faith, and evangelism resources to help reach their communities.

There’s just one problem. They don’t have the resources to do it. Believers in rural communities are unlikely to find a Bible for miles. But you can change that.




Through strong relationships with both rural and urban churches, there is an opportunity to equip believers with the training and resources needed to share God’s Word in their communities. But it takes people like you to make this happen.

Local translations of Light magazine do not look like Bibles, but include a variety of verses on the biblical theme of light, which provides a natural bridge that uses language that’s familiar to them, and connects their cultural experience to gospel themes. This is a safe way for people from different faiths to freely explore God’s Word and learn about Jesus. These are really popular wherever they’re shared.

Bibles translated into the local languages are essential for believers in small rural churches to grow in their faith. Through our rural partner we create opportunities to equip believers with Bibles.

Evangelism training is essential for both rural and urban believers. It teaches them how to use Light magazines as evangelism resources. Through this evangelism course, local pastors learn to teach their congregations how to confidently share their faith using Light. Because of you, the gospel could have a ripple effect across the country, and impact millions of people in India who have never had a chance to hear God’s Word.


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