Though belief in Jesus is widespread across Kenya, lack of access to God’s Word often prevents believers from growing deeper in their faith. In the midst of traditional influence on spirituality, rural regions of Kenya in particular have a significant shortage of Scripture resources. Copies of Scriptures are rare, treasured, and desperately wanted. A poor pastor climbs a roof to tune into a Christian radio station, where a preacher reads Scripture he will memorize for his own sermons. There is a deeper hunger here. God is moving in the hearts of Kenyans, but they need proper training to grow deeper in their knowledge of His Word. 




How will Kenya be reached?

At the heart of spiritual warfare in Kenya is the issue of people practicing both pagan rituals in addition to trusting in God’s grace. Through our local partners in Kenya, we want to spiritually develop communities of men, women, boys, and girls, to promote real community transformation. 

This can happen by giving them access to evangelism training, Bibles, and Scripture materials. Faith in rural Kenya does not need to remain an inch deep, and can flourish into an oasis if the right training is provided by people like you.  


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