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The Middle East is one of the most difficult regions in the world to reach with the gospel. Corrupt politicians, war and violence, persecution, religious extemism and oppression create a hostile environment for Christians—especially for those who have left Islam. Traditional person-to-person evangelism is just too dangerous in this region, so sharing God’s Word either has to be done discreetly, or by safer means. Those who are interested in exploring Christianity have to do it very cautiously to avoid suspicion and persecution 

But there is hope for the gospel in the Muslim world. God is moving in the Middle East in unexpected ways. More and more people are coming to faith because of gospel-centred programming being aired on primetime satellite TV. God’s Word is literally being broadcasted directly into people’s homes! 




Millions of men, women, and children living in 25 countries across the Middle East and Africa regularly tune in to Satellite TV to watch programming in their own heart language. Our new studio now enables us to safely share God’s Word with millions through satellite TV programming. 

These programs are broadcasted on secular TV channels in Farsi, Urdu, Punjabi, Assyrian, Arabic, and English. At the end of each program, viewers are connected with the NewLife App, which contains Biblical answers to life’s biggest questions, and the entire Bible in over 20 different languages! 

This new opportunity to bring God’s Word to the Middle East has also led to a request for Spark magazine to be translated into Arabic for Vacation Bible Schools in Egypt. Through donors willing to support the production of gospel programming and the new demand for translated Spark magazines, the Muslim world could be changed forever. 

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