Pakistan is one of the most dangerous places in the world to live as a Christian. Religious extremist groups threaten violence against Christians all over the country, and the government does little to protect them. Believers are often targeted by blasphemy laws that punish believers for their faith, and authorities turn a blind eye towards any violence or persecution Christians might experience. And yet, believers in Pakistan sacrifice their own safety to share the gospel with their communities. The heart-transforming message of Jesus’ salvation gives them hope even in the midst of persecution, and the boldness to share his Word in the face of great personal risk.

When asked what they need the most, Pakistani believers surprised us with their answer. They are asking to be equipped with Scripture resources so that they can share the gospel more effectively. They need your help.

Our local contact tells us, “The one thing Pakistani believers desperately need most are copies of God’s Word… and they’re not requesting them just for their own personal reading. They want to share with other Muslims.”



Since 2013, pastors and leaders have been equipped with Scriptures through people like you. Through our long-term partner, a non-profit and humanitarian organization based in Pakistan, generous donors have provided Bibles to help strengthen the church. Since then, our strategy has expanded to include Scripture magazines, including Hope and Spark, to be used by churches as evangelism tools.

Strategic connections with community leaders—principals, pastors, church planters, and doctors—open the doors for the gospel to be shared throughout their spheres of influence. There is a real need to invest in the Church by providing Scriptures to help pastors and leaders be successful at evangelism. You can rise to meet that need.


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