Few countries are as receptive to the gospel message than the people in Peru. It’s common for someone to grow up in a Catholic faith environment, and have never truly heard the gospel message. When believers in Peru share the gospel, they often hear people say things like “I’ve heard about Jesus but you are the first person who took the time to explain the meaning of who He is.”

The spiritual climate of Peru perfectly embodies the verse “the harvest is plentiful, but the labourers are few.” People are ready and waiting to accept Jesus Christ, they just need someone to share the gospel with them!




To make a significant gospel impact in Peru, all it will take is someone like you to invest in the local church, and put quality evangelism resources in their hands. The connections have been made through our local partner with churches who are ready, willing, and eager to grow in their faith and learn how to share the gospel more effectively. 

Believers in Peru are waiting to receive Grow Your Church kits, evangelism training, and Scripture resources to reach the people in their communities who are open and receptive to the gospel. You can provide the fuel they need to burn brightly for Jesus and reach their nation with the gospel?


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