Former Soviet Union

I Am Loved
The world isn't paying much attention.

Europe’s “Forgotten War” has claimed thousands of lives and torn families apart. The world isn’t paying much attention. But God has not forgotten them.

It rarely makes the news, but Ukraine is still at war after a decade of bloodshed. Fathers continue to leave home to fight for the safety of their loved ones, only to never return. Fearing for their lives, fractured families are being forced to move further from the frontlines to protect what little they have left. What hope can a parent have in the midst of such uncertainty, violence, and chaos?

God has a plan to redeem all the effects of sin, death, and destruction in the world; we know the salvation offered to us by Jesus, and that our souls are secured. It gives us a perspective that allows for hope in the midst of even the darkest circumstances.

But how can these hurting families experience that same hope for themselves if they don’t have God’s Word?

Life on the frontlines means tomorrow isn’t guaranteed. You can act now so people can feel God’s love for them in the midst of their desperate situation. They need God’s Word if they are ever going to read Jesus’ offer of salvation for themselves.

There are families all across the Former Soviet Union that need light in the midst of their darkness, and hope in the midst of their fear.

Will you put Scriptures in the hands of these families?

Every $5 you give puts a physical copy of God’s Word into another household, so the Light of the World can shine in their darkness.

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