Bernice's Story

  • Bernice's Story

Bernice Sommert’s story is one of God beautifully working through us to reach His people.

In Edmonton, Alberta, Bernice received a letter from The Gideons International In Canada | ShareWord Global about India. In the letter was a picture of a list of names—a page from one of Samson’s binders. For years, an Indian man named Samson Daniel collected requests from people who wanted the Bible, filling stacks of binders with their information. By 2015 he had collected 250,000 names, but had no idea how the needs would be met.

Three years later, through God’s grace and the generosity of many people, Samson’s prayers were answered. Already Samson has gathered another 320,000 new names of people waiting for the Bible. 

When she saw Samson’s list, Bernice was moved. “My heart just broke for these people who wanted the Word of God when I had so many copies.” In that moment, Bernice prayed that she and her husband, Gilbert, would be able to help answer some of these needs.

She never expected what events would follow after opening that letter.

Three months later, her beloved husband passed away. At his funeral, Bernice and her family decided to ask people to give Expressions cards in honour of Gilbert, in lieu of flowers. For each donation made with an Expressions card, The Gideons placed copies of God’s Word in someone’s hands in India. Bernice and the family were amazed to discover later that 800 Bibles were given to the people in Samson’s list in memory of Gilbert! 

We showed Bernice a few photos of the individuals who received their very own copy of the Bible. “Look how their hearts are longing to know Jesus,” Bernice joyfully exclaimed.

We told her about Shivanna, a pastor in India who has a congregation of 34 people. Because of the donations made in memory of her late husband, each person in Pastor Shivanna’s congregation received a Bible.

“I cannot grieve because even though [Gilbert] is up in glory, the Word of God is going forth,” a happy, tearful Bernice said upon seeing a photo of a group of pastors gathered together. Each one—some for the first time—held a Bible of their own.

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