India is Fearless

By Michelle DeVries

  • India is Fearless

This is what 20,000 Bibles and 200 ecstatic pastors look like. The impact the Bibles will have in their communities will be enormous.

A trip to India for a first-timer is sensory overload. Bright colours and pungent smells surround Greg Olson, a member of the ShareWord Global team, as the team’s driver weaves through clamorous traffic under the blistering Indian sun. They’re on their way to distribute 40,000 Bibles and Scripture magazines over two days at a conference centre in Hyderabad.

“Evangelism is all about one-to-one,” says Greg. “That’s the only way we’re going to spread the gospel in India.” Leaders in India are forecasting the country to become a Hindu nation by 2020. This could mean endangering Indian Christians, who are already at risk from Hindu extremists.

A local woman shares about becoming an evangelical Christian. On finding out, her parents called the family together and told her to repent. When she refused, they performed “last rites” over her and proclaimed her dead to the family. Can you even imagine how she would have felt?

Of the 200 pastors gathered in the conference centre, most have experienced persecution, often in the form of violence. But this doesn’t stop them; they’ll do whatever it takes to share God’s Word with their communities. That means traveling (sometimes by foot) many miles to receive long-awaited Bibles—finally available because of you and all our faithful supporters.


In two days, 40,000 Bibles are dedicated and each pastor is prayed for.

Everyone wants prayer—for Greg, that means starting with the nearest person and making his way around the room, hearing their stories.

Even on camera, they’re not afraid to share how Jesus changed them. “Praise God!” the pastors say, again and again. “Praise the Lord!” Some of the women there have been through horrific things, but just want to thank God for their new life. They show us what great faith looks like.

The team spends the next days distributing God’s Word in small, rural villages. Here, people can’t go and buy their own Bibles; there is no local Christian bookstore, and most can’t afford them. The recipients are thrilled, knowing the only way they have their own Bibles is because of someone with a desire to give God’s Word to them—someone like you.

Now that they have Scriptures in a translation that is easy-to-read, even where the literacy rate is low, they’re reading and sharing God’s Word like never before. The Indian Light magazines are being used for evangelism. People are sharing the gospel one-to-one, and it’s spreading faster than you can say “praise God!” So we say “Praise God!” for generous and committed people like you!



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