Samson Project Update

By Michelle deVries

  • Samson Project Update

India is a nation of many nations, extremely diverse, with 1,632 official languages. Of 1.34 billion people, 3% are Christians. Many do not have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. These people are wanting to know what is true—to know who the real God is.

For years, a man named Samson Daniel collected requests from people who wanted the Bible. The requests came from over 7,200 house churches across seven states. Without knowing how these requests would be answered, Samson filled stacks of binders with their information. By 2015, he had 250,000 names.

“We did not know what to do,” Samson said, “but we prayed that someday God would open the door for us to be able to provide the Bibles. In 2015, we had missionaries from ShareWord Global visit us. In our discussion with them, we shared about churches that needed the Bible, and they asked us how many names we had. I told them—250,000 people from 7,200 active growing house churches, right in the villages, in the unreached places, where there has been no access for the Word of God. They were amazed and said, ‘If the Lord opens the door, we are going to work with you to provide Bibles for these 250,000 names.’”

These names are of new believers from the poor labour class. Among them, people are struggling just to survive. They can hardly pay for the cost of daily living. It’s these people who want to read and grow in the Word of God. All of them have experienced turmoil and suffering in their lives, but most of them are on their way to find the truth. They encountered Jesus, but they didn’t have the Bible to read and grow in faith.

“It was just an amazing thing,” Samson continued. “Nobody in history has ever taken on such a huge distribution project in such a short time, but ShareWord Global partnered with us and that’s how we began. In the last year, for the glory of God we could distribute 250,000 Bibles in these seven states of India. It’s beyond human comprehension how the Lord made this possible. It’s just the hand of God behind all of this.”

When people receive the Bible, they find salvation, healing, and hope. The Word of God sets them free. That’s what you’ve done in India. Thank you for bringing this precious gift to them!

There are still 28 states and union territories to reach. Requests keep coming in, and there are now 70,000 more names in Samson’s binders. But you have seen what God can do, and you’ve been faithfully sharing God’s Word—there is no doubt of your reaching Samson’s new goal to share Jesus across India.

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