Discovering the Rescue

  • Discovering the Rescue

"Without the gospel, we have no hope—and communities are looking for hope."

Barry is an Indigenous young man who experienced intense desperation and hopelessness. He turned to suicide as his exit plan, but it failed and Christ found him in that dark valley. Today, as a result of reading the Bible for himself and surrendering his life to God, he is so excited to be able to share the light of the gospel with others.

“There’s probably a better way to say this,” Barry told us recently, “but frankly, without the gospel, we’d have a lot more death. Without the gospel, we’d have more violence and we’d have more people in prison. Why? Because without the gospel, we have no hope—and communities are looking for hope. The only place that I can see hope existing is in Jesus Christ.”

Barry always ends up with a big smile on his face when he tells his story, because of how the gospel changed everything. He wasn’t rescued from the circumstances of his life—but he was rescued from the all-consuming darkness that led him to attempting suicide. And now, more than anything, he wants others in his community to discover that same rescue. 

And he asked to pass along this message: “When you donate to The Gideons, you are allowing hope to be brought into Indigenous communities. God showed Himself to me through a New Testament and the hope I read about changed my life forever.”

Read Barry's full story here.


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