• Isolation

Lori Sargent teaches at a reserve school in Loon Lake - population 400.

We started kid's clubs because the kids are bored - and when they're bored they get into trouble. Club makes them feel better because they have something to do and the adults at club care about them.

It's tough. We're more than an hour away from anything. Prices are high - much higher than you'd expect. Families struggle. They are poor. They're bored. Substance abuse is high because they don't know anything else. We need to give them alternatives so they can cope without harmful substances.

Suicide is a real problem. I went on-call with Barry, our social worker. That night he got 25 calls from people at risk - 25 calls in one night in a community of 400 people. It's scary. I can't sleep at night, so I pray for the kids.

Nothern Saskatchewan has many lakes. I think about the Bible and how God's love is like water. We can't survive without water. 



Knowing Jesus is my water - when I read the Bible in the morning, I have strength. Frankly, I don't think I could make it through the day without my time with Jesus.

It's a painful time here. 

Some days kids come to school without breakfast and they don't have a lunch. Others come without having a regular shower - it's easy to tell. The kids are troubled. All I can do is love them.

They get a Bible in grade 5. Some kids are eager to read it; others put it aside. But we're planting seeds. Jesus is the answer, the only answer to the problems here. Kids are looking for love and someone to lead the way. Many don't have a father they can look up to.

They need a daddy.

God is here, just waiting to take them into His arms. He can be the daddy they never had. He will wrap His arms around them and go with them wherever they go. Without Jesus, there is nothing. 




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