• Nicaragua
A door has opened — if we act now.

The officer of the governor of the Miskito people in Nicaragua has written a letter asking for help.

She is asking for Scriptures for the Miskitos because she has seen God transform the lives of people who have become Christians.

You are standing at the cusp of a huge opportunity for a people group fighting desperate poverty, violence, discrimination, and stigma. The Miskitos live in the forests along the Rio Coco. For generations they have fished in the river and farmed the land. But still they live a hand-to-mouth existence. Desperation and fear are their daily companions.

The Miskitos need the gospel. The government is writing to you, asking you to glorify the name of our Lord Jesus in a nation torn apart by violence. They are personally inviting us to come into their country, deep into the jungles, to bring 50,000 copies of God’s Word to a desperate people.

The government has requested 50,000 pieces of Scripture. It sounds a bit overwhelming, but you can help make it happen. Every gift makes a difference. We may never get this opportunity again, so we have to act now.Step into the open door and help bring the Good News of Jesus to 50,000 families.

The Need

- 96% of the population lives under the poverty line.

- The government is asking for help and they are willing to help get God’s Word into the hands of the needy people.

- They are asking for 10,000 Bibles and 40,000 Scripture magazines. With your help, we can do that and so much more. Let’s get God’s Word into the hands of every person.

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