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On the other side of the world, Pakistani believers are boldly risking everything for the gospel. They live in an environment where one slip of the tongue can cost them every-thing.

If you were to sit down with James*, an evangelist who lives in Pakistan, and talk to him about what it's like to be a Christian there, the contrast to your experience in Canada would stun you. The picture he'd paint of life as a believer in a 97% Muslim nation would make you shake your head, and you'd be so thankful for the security of living in Canada.

James would tell you that in Pakistan, when you choose Jesus and turn your back on Islam, you are forced to flee to another part of the country and create a new identity. When they make a decision to become a follower of Jesus, they are also choosing to leave their families and communities-forever. The only other option is to live as a secret believer and never reveal your newfound faith.

Then he would tell you about the one thing Pakistani believers desperately need most—copies of God's Word. He would emphasize that they're not requesting them for their own personal reading, but to share with Muslims. And that's something you can help them with today.

You can come alongside the brave and committed believers in Pakistan and equip them with copies of God's Word. Without your help, they have nothing to give their Muslim friends and colleagues who are searching for truth and looking for answers. A New Testament or Hope magazine is the greatest gift you can give them today to encourage them.

Each gift of $5 will be used to share the gospel with someone and give them a copy of God's Word. God bless you for your generosity!

The Need

James*, an evangelist in Pakistan, has run out of the Scriptures you provided him and needs more. His cry for help cannot be any clearer:

"In Pakistan, Christians are only two or three per cent of the population. But it's God's plan and we are here, living in a huge majority of Muslim people. We are here to present Christ to them and we are here to proclaim the gospel. We are here to introduce people to Jesus.

But we alone cannot do this. So, I personally request that you please stand with us to share the gospel, to spread the gospel in Pakistan through the minority of Christians who are here."

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Equipping the Movers and Shakers of Pakistan

Equipping the Movers and Shakers of Pakistan

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