• Victor

Victor lost everything and ended up on the streets, until a team found him.

Victor is 70 years old and lives in the city of Zaporozhye, Ukraine. He used to serve in the military in Crimea, but after the conflict erupted, he was forced to move to Zaporozhye, where he lost everything and ended up on the streets. This past winter, he had nowhere to go on a particularly cold night, so he lost some of his toes to frostbite. Thankfully, a team of Mission Eurasia’s students found him and brought him to a local hospital where he received medical treatment. While he was being treated, the students gave Victor a copy of the Light magazine. He was immediately drawn by the colourful pictures, and soon he was reading the Scripture passages and learning more about God. In the near future, Victor will be moved to a Christian-led center for those with disabilities in Kiev, where the local team will continue visiting him and talking with him about Jesus.

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