I Am Loved

Here’s what happened: a team from Canada was wrapping up an evangelism and Scripture distribution trip. Nothing could dampen the Kenyans’ joy and excitement for the gifts they were receiving—not even thunderstorms or heavy rain!

However, later that day we drove away from the village and we found our way blocked. A crowd of people were on the road and wouldn’t allow us to pass. We had no idea what was going on or why we’d been stopped. Finally, they said to us, “We know you were just at a neighbouring village and gave them Bibles. So now we want to know—where are OUR Bibles? We’ve been waiting just as long as they have!”

We said, “Listen we don’t have any more with us. We gave away all the copies we had.” They weren’t happy to hear that and the crowd was getting bigger. Eventually the woman who had presented their request to us said, “Okay, if you don’t have any left…if you can…will you come back?”

They were so desperate and had just witnessed the neighbouring village joyfully receive God’s Word. We promised that group of Kenyans we’d be back—because we knew you’d want to respond to their cry for help.

The people in Kenya are waiting for—the Good News found in the Bible. But think about the thousands of people who are also waiting for Good News and don’t know where to find it! So, here’s how you can help those two groups of people in Kenya waiting for hope: by equipping local churches with God’s Word. With Scriptures, pastors can be trained, believers can be taught, and the lost can be reached—and their waiting will end!

Each gift of God’s Word you donate impacts multiple lives. Praise God, they’ll be so grateful you helped end their waiting.

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