Latin America

I Am Loved

On a weekly basis, pastors from Latin America write in with urgent requests. They're not asking for money. Not food. Not buildings. These pastors are pleading for copies of God's Word. And that's something you can help them with!

The number of emails from just Cuba alone has been shocking. It's one of the most controlled countries we've worked in; even internet access is extremely restricted. Yet, despite limitations, the calls for help from Cuban pastors began pouring in as soon as they saw the Spanish Scripture magazine, Esperanza. They'd never seen anything like it and instantly imagined what an impact they would have in their evangelism efforts.

There are so many pastors in Cuba, Chile, Nicaragua, and Haiti don’t have a Bible of their own—not to mention the millions of Christians who also don’t have a copy. The pastors don’t know who to turn to. They don’t have the funds to print their own Scriptures, but they recognize how valuable Scripture resources are to communicating the gospel with the lost.

You can equip those pastors with the Scriptures they need. You can come alongside them with copies of God's Word so they can go out into their communities and place them into the hands of people looking for hope.

Remember, your donation of $50 will impact far more than the 10 Latin Americans who receive a copy. Those changed lives will impact many, many more.

You can start the ripple effects across Latin America with your gift today. You can equip these pastors with God's Word-so people can discover God's truth and embrace Christ as their Saviour.

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