I Am Loved

Have you ever felt that slight hesitation before telling someone you’re a Christian because you were afraid of what they might think of you? You’re not alone. It’s not uncommon for Christians in Canada to feel shy about their faith because of the awkwardness it can cause.

But if you were a Christian in Pakistan who had converted from the official state religion, awkwardness would be the least of your worries. You might be fired from your job. You might have to move cities to avoid persecution. You would likely be disowned by your family, or worse, be killed by your father, your brother, or any other relative who feels you’ve brought dishonour and shame to your household.

We thought, why on earth would they want to risk so much even in the face of such persecution? Yet, when we asked our local contact James* how Canadian believers could help in the face of persecution, the answer was shocking and humbling.

He said, “Please stand with us and send more copies of God’s Word!”

He said they are willing to risk everything for Jesus, and they desire more Scriptures - not only for themselves, but to share with their friends, families, and neighbours who don’t know Jesus. Incredible! We’re asking you to help give them what they need, so they won’t stand alone.

Will you stand with the brave and committed believers in Pakistan who have looked persecution directly in the eye, and professed that Jesus Christ is Lord regardless of the cost?

Your gift will not cost you your life, but every copy of God’s Word in the hands of someone in Pakistan can save theirs.

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