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Making a monthly donation, and partnering with The Gideons International In Canada as a ShareWord Partner is the perfect way to regularly share God's Word with people all over the world. Your regular giving means that people will hear the gospel message and receive a free copy of God’s Word, each month – and you can be the one who shares it with them!

It's easy! Simply set up a pre-authorized donation with The Gideons International In Canada | ShareWord Global from your bank account or credit card.

The impact of your giving will go beyond your expectations. The gospel has a ripple effect on families, communities, and entire nations. Just one person hearing the gospel, reading God’s Word, and accepting Christ’s gift of salvation can alter the course of generations. You can be the one who sets that ripple in motion and be part of a life-changing story like Anne’s.

Many years ago, Anne received a New Testament as a young schoolgirl in Zambia. To this day, she still keeps it as a reminder of how she came to salvation—God used His Word to bring her to faith in Jesus Christ. Now she interprets for the teams that go to share the Bible in Zambia, doing whatever she can to see that people are receiving God’s Word, like she did, so that it would change their lives like it did for her.