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Church partners, please fill out your order below for Scriptures you can use in your ministries. All are in the New Living Translation, a version that’s highly accurate and easy-to-read for the person who’s new to the Bible.

Orders will be filled to the church within one week of receiving them from our Head Office in Guelph, Ontario. For quantities beyond the limits below, please call 1-888-482-4253.

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Community Evangelism Scriptures

Resource your existing outreach ministries with these New Testaments as you share the gospel in your community. Or try something new—whether it be connecting with your community door to door or some other creative event that lets the neighbourhood know they can find hope in Christ.

God Loves the World New Testament - S1280


True North Gospel of John - S5031

Share the Good News in your community with this Canadian-themed Gospel of John. It's a great way to introduce people to the story of Christ, and to point to Jesus as the "True North"--the One sent to earth to save us and help us find our way back to God



Scriptures for Youth: The Gospel of John

Love Letter - S5029


Purpose - 5039


Compass - 5035


So Loved - 5037


Scriptures for VBS - 1162

If your church hosts a Vacation Bible School program, you can order these pocket sized New Testaments to be included in your summer program. It’s a chance to offer kids in your community a copy of God’s Word so they can continue reading long after VBS is over.


Seasonal Scriptures

Christmas and Easter is when most non-church going Canadians step inside a sanctuary. Offer these visitors a fresh new way to look at God’s Word by re-introducing people to the gospel message using a familiar format. Each magazine also includes the complete Gospel of John.

Winter Edition ( Out of Stock )


LIGHT - 5012


NewLife App Cards - 4980

Share the app with people looking for answers to the big questions or a copy of the Bible. Sized like a business card, they include a QR code on the back that direct people to a website with info on NewLife and links to download the app.